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Tunjukkan catatan dari Ogos, 2015

ebook Stores In malaysia.

Here are some of the ebook stores available in Malaysia now. 1. Google Play Books. You can find it in your Android phone, as a built in app. I believe Google Play has the biggest market share in Malaysia now. 2. Kobo. Get your legally available English language ebook here. This is my personal favourite. 3. e-Sentral. The biggest collection of more than 10,000 local titles. They are the pioneer in local market. Aside from retail model, e-Sentral also supplies ebook to libraries.   4. National Library of Malaysia (PNM). Not ready to buy yet? You can borrow ebook for 14 days from the National Library. Go to, self register and download the reading app. By the way, the ebook lending system is supplied by e-Sentral.  5. Kakibuku. New comer, from very established IT company. Growing titles. 6. Bachabooku (Closed down in 2016) New comer, from Celcom. Number of titles still limited. However, they offer a lot of local magazine titles.  7. B