23 November, 2006

Apa asset baru yang media prima akan tambah?

MP mengumumkan pembelian BigTree, syarikat iklan outdoor terbesar di Malaysia.

Ini laporan dari TheEdge, diringkaskan;

20 Nov 2006: Corporate: Media Prima eyes Big Tree, UPD

Big Tree, set up in 1994, is said to be the leader in the outdoor advertising industry with a 25% market share and RM50 million in turnover last year. It is 56%-owned by Sunnetic Sdn Bhd, whose investors include private equity funds CIMB-Muamalat Fund 1 and Navis Asia Fund III. Sources say Media Prima is making an offer for this stake, which Sunnetic bought three ears ago. Australia's Eye Corp, another outdoor media specialist, holds 30% of Big Tree. The remaining shares are held by Big Tree Management Systems Sdn Bhd and Big Tree CEO and founder Suridah Jalaluddin.

Big Tree's edge is its exclusive long-term advertising rights on the country's major expressways. It also has concessions with main retail centres such as Suria KLCC and Gurney Plaza, and transport companies like KL Sentral and RapidKL.

Meanwhile, UPD, a pioneer in the field, has been in outdoor advertising since 1958. It owns the largest number of outdoor assets in the country, comprising over 2,400 advertising panels. It was awarded a 10-year exclusive advertising concession by the light rail transit operator in 1998.

A subsidiary of print group Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd, UPD registered a RM3.2 million loss last year. It is not known how much revenue UPD raked in last year, but industry insiders peg annual sales at between RM15 million and RM18 million. The company also has outdoor operations in Indonesia and India.

Utusan Melayu is majority-owned by Umno, with Nilam Setar (M) Sdn Bhd and Minister of Finance Inc holding substantial stakes. Media Prima's major shareholders are Gabungan Kesturi Sdn Bhd, Amanah Raya Bhd and the Employees Provident Fund board.

Media Prima has its own outdoor ad company — The Right Channel Sdn Bhd. The company is parked under its 43%-owned print unit, The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd. It is not known how much earnings this company generates for NSTP, but industry observers say they are lower than those of Big Tree or UPD.
The Right Channel has exclusive advertising rights in the concession areas of Express Railway Link and Alam Sentral. It also owns several billboards in the Klang Valley and its vicinity.

It is said that under the proposal, The Right Channel, Big Tree and UPD will be parked under a new company. Big Tree's Suridah is expected to spearhead the new entity. Combining all these businesses under one roof would create a dominant player in this small but growing field. It is estimated that outdoor media attracts between RM200 million and RM250 million in advertising expenditure annually, a mere 5% of the country's RM4.4 billion ad spend last year.


Rujuk kepada laporan the edge, seperti berikut

Media Prima suspended, to announce acquisition

Media Prima Bhd is planning a material acquisition to be made on Nov 20 and has request for a suspension in its trading on Nov 17.

Dalam edisi terbaru, ada penganalisis yang membuat spekulasi bahawa mereka akan membeli BigTree, UPD dan juga Right Channel. Ketiga-tiganya adalah syarikat pengiklanan Outdoor. Kombinasi ketiga-tiga syarikat ini, dikatakan akan dikepalai oleh CEO BigTree sekarang, dan dijangka akan mempunyai turnover sekitar RM200+ juta.

Apakah MP akan membeli mana-mana pemain dalam bidang majalah di Malaysia yang masih Independent seperti Karangkraf, Berita Publishing atau juga Blue Inc? MP masih belum ada cabang majalah yang signifikan.

Atau mungkin juga mana-mana penerbit buku yang besar? Untuk pasaran Malaysia ini penerbit yang besar adalah penerbit berasakan silibus sekolah seperti Sasbadi dan Dawama.Yang lain-lain adalah terlalu kecil untuk korporat seperti MP. Mengikut seorang MD dari syarikat penerbit besar ini, tidak ada justifikasi lagi untuk konglomerat seperti MP membeli syarikat penerbitan buku.

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