08 Januari, 2007

RTM dan potensi Digital Broadcasting.

2 Artikel dari Thestar yang menjelaskan secara ringkas tentang standard HD, dan juga sistem tranmisi yang akan digunakan nanti.

HDTV and digital broadcasts

Digital broadcasts have been available in Malaysia for quite some time in the form of Astro.

While the DVB-S standard used by Astro isn’t designed for use with HDTV, it doesn’t mean that the infrastructure cannot support HDTV in the near future.

On the other hand, the DVB-T standard being adopted by RTM in its current digital broadcast trials is the same standard used in much of Europe – and is HDTV compatible (thanks to the use of MPEG2 and H.264 video compression standards).

DVB-T terrestrial broadcasts are typically free-to-air (like regular analogue TV). At the moment, the only way to receive DVB-T signals in Malaysia is via a set-top box, although some televisions sold in Europe currently have built-in DVB-T decoders.

There’s no specific date for the introduction of terrestrial HDTV broadcasts in Malaysia yet, but one can assume that it’s somewhere in the pipeline.


Dan artikel berkenaan sistem percubaan yang sedang dilaksanakan oleh RTM sekarang.

Digital trial run for RTM

KUALA LUMPUR: RTM will start its digital television broadcast trial run to 2,000 selected households in the Klang Valley from Sept 1.

Deputy Information Minister Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye said the ministry had already installed set-top boxes at 500 households.

He said the six-month digital broadcasting pilot project would run from 7pm until midnight over RTM1, RTM2 and the new digital channel RTMi which will have news, music, games and radio interactive services.


RTM boleh menyiarkan sekurang-kurangnya lapan saluran pada satu frekuensi, menggunakan sistem Digital Broadcasting.

Apa saluran baru yang akan dibangunkan oleh RTM? Dan lebih menarik lagi, apa konsep dan content yang akan disiarkan oleh RTM dalam saluran baru ini nanti?

Bagaimana dengan Digital radio broadcast. Adakah kita akan nampak servis seperti Sirius dan XM di Malaysia?

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